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#01. CALIBER: Convention on Automation of Libraries in Education and Research Institutions (CALIBER).

CALIBER is a bi-annual convention, organized by the INFLIBNET Centre in collaboration with universities, which was initiated in 1994.

The convention invites high-quality papers on research and technical works, case studies, technology updates, etc.

The CALIBER 2022, 13th International CALIBER was organized in collaboration with BHU, Varanasi, during November 17-19, 2022.

Theme: The theme of the 13th International CALIBER is "Envisioning Digital Transformation in Libraries for NextGen Academic Landscape".


About: To Promotion of Library Automation and Networking in the North Eastern Region (PLANNER) was launched in 2003.

PLANNER is a bi-annual convention in the North-Eastern region, of India in the aspect of library automation and networking. The event is organized by INFLIBNET Centre along with the universities located in the respective North-Eastern States.

11th Convention PLANNER 2018 held at Tripura University Tripura, Duaring 15 -17 November 2018.

Theme: Rejuvenate Academic Library as a Social Hub

#03. WLIC 2023: World Library and Information Congress

 FLA WLIC 2023 will be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands from 21-25 August 2023.

Theme: Let’s work together, let’s library

#04. WLIC 2022

87th IFLA WLIC held in Dublin Ireland from 26-29 July 2022.

Theme: 'inspire, engage, enable and connect'

#05. SOUL: Software for University Libraries

SOUL is an integrated library management software designed and developed by the INFLIBNET Centre.

The SOUL 2.0 software was released in January 2009 and SOUL 3.0 was released in February 2021.

SOUL 3.0 is designed for the latest versions of MS-SQL and MySQL

The first version of software i.e. SOUL 1.0 was released during CALIBER 2000.

Library Science Current Affairs
#06. The Name of the latest Director General of the Nation Library of India is "Prof. Ajay Pratap Singh"

#07. The name of the latest Director General of the RRRLF is  "Prof. Ajay Pratap Singh"

#08. UNESCO: The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization

Headquarters: Paris, France

Founded: 16 November 1945, London, United Kingdom

Director-General, Audrey Azoulay

IFLA-UNESCO Public Library Manifesto 2022: IFLA-UNESCO Public Library Manifesto 2022 released on 18 July 2022 

The public library, the local gateway to knowledge, provides a basic condition for lifelong learning, independent decision- making and cultural development of individual and social groups.

The IFLA/UNESCO Public Library Manifesto proclaims UNESCO’s belief in the public library as a living force for education, culture and information, and as an essential agent for the fostering of peace and welfare through the minds of all people.

UNESCO encourages national and local governments to support and actively engage in the development of public libraries.

#09. “Unnat Bharat Abhiyan”

IIT Delhi has been designated to be the Coordinating Institute (CI) for the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA).

Vision: Unnat Bharat Abhiyan is inspired by the vision of transformational change in rural development processes by leveraging knowledge institutions to help build the architecture of an Inclusive India.

#10. An ocean wave energy converter named Sindhuja has been developed at IIT Madras to generate electricity from ocean waves.

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