How to Prepare KVS Librarian Interview | Interview Preparation Tips

KVS Librarian Interview, KVS librarian Interview Guidance

KVS Librarian Interview Questions are:-

1. Introduction: Name, Qualification, Where you belong from. 

2. Language: Bilingual or English

3. Interview Time: 15 to 20 min

5. Dress: Male Candidate(Formal Shirt, Paints & Shoes), Female candidate (Saree/Suit).
6. . What to write in Biodate form?

Q1. Write Short notes for Suitability to the librarian Post.  
Q2. Write any special achievement.
kvs libraria interview
7. Interview Panel: It may be 4 to 6 members in Interview Panel. One Psychologist, 2 Subject experts, 1 Principal, and 1 to 2 Commissioner Assistants Level persons.  

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